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2020 Trend: Skincare

Does anyone ever wonder who gets to decide what the trends are?? Is what's trending based on where most of us spend our money the previous year??

So whoever decides alllll the trends has determined that 2020 will be the year of skincare. Skincare products have had a pretty fruitful year. According to the NPD Group (a market research company), skincare grew by 13% last year to pull in an alarming 5.6 BILLION dollars of our good ol 'Merican monies. Surprisingly makeup did NOT have this big of growth with only a 1% growth this last year.

I don't know about you, but I'm not a huge skincare regiment kind of person. Confession, I didn't even regularly wash my face at night until I hit..... 40. Yes, 40. I think it was my small way to rebel against the cultural idea that I should be hyper-focused on not aging. I don't understand this obsession with "not looking our age". We all have different genetics, and our skin is gonna do what its gonna do. It's seen as an accomplishment when we look 10 years younger than our chronological age, which doesn't make sense? So you're going to compliment me on something I don't have a whole lot of control over???

Surprisingly, this post isn't about my beef with the skin care industry or how society expects people to literally not age, even though its kinda what we all do?? This post is actually about me, the grinch of skincare, finding a skin care routine I actually DO and am grateful for.

It seems like things just change when you turn 40. It's like your body says "whelp, I'm tired, we've had a good run these past 40 years but now things are gonna hurt more". After I turned 40, my face decided to be a jerk. To be fair, I didn't really take care of my face like a lot of other women I know do. I would randomly wash my face at night, moisturize if I remembered to do so, and well.... that's it. I felt like the skincare industry consisted of a lot of smoke and mirrors. Wear this serum and you'll turn back the clock. This moisturizer will plump up all your wrinkles! Do these 10 billion skin care steps and you'll look like you're 20 years old again!

A couple times a year, I'd get a wild hair to try and follow a skincare routine consistently, so I'd buy into the skin care industry's BS, purchase way too much crap, and then not ever use the products after day two. This changed when I started to notice red patches on my cheeks near my nose. The skin near my nose was red, sensitive, and had these small weird pimples. When I was at my semi-annual skin cancer screening the dermatologist said "oh it looks like you have some rosacea would you like a prescription?" I have what and do I really need a prescription??

Turns out rosacea is very common. And guess who is prone to it?? It's most common in middle-aged women *cough cough* who have light skin. There's no cure for rosacea, but treatment can control and reduce the signs and symptoms. What contributes to rosacea??? Certain cosmetic products. Interesting, since I have a terrible cosmetic-removing-non-existent-nightly routine.

Since my rosacea is mild, I told the dermatologist I wanted to take responsibility for my skin care routine before resorting to a prescription. She agreed to give me some time. Hence, the take-responsibility-for-your-skin quest began. It was during this time, my friend Mindie Adamos had joined Beautycounter. Without getting super deep, Beautycounter is a pretty cool company. Their products focus on being non-toxic (which is different than organic because even organic products can be toxic) and they are a B Corp.

After receiving news that the redness on my face is an actual thing, I decided to figure out a skincare routine I would actually stick too. I needed a super minimalist routine that would not aggravate my rosacea. So clay, or any abrasive, cleansers were a no go. I ended up coming across Beautycounter's Cleansing Balm (it's expensive but it lasts a long time). This Cleansing Balm is a daily cleanser that helps remove makeup without harming the skin and removing moisture. It's a balm so its oily. Who knew you can use oil to clean off cosmetic products?? After cleansing my face, I throw on a serum high in vitamin C, and then moisturize with a homemade face lotion I found from Humblebee & Me (side note I love making my own lotion and Humblebee & Me is a great site to find different skincare recipes). That's it. I'm done and that's about as far as I'm gonna go with all this skin care business.

After starting this super simple nightly routine, my rosacea has all but disappeared. If I don't do this routine, my face gets super pissed and my rosacea will flare the hell up. I don't know if I look any younger, fresher or super fantastic, but it is nice not to have two flaming patches of hell on my cheeks. What about you? Are you married to a skin care routine? Do you have a skin care routine? Do you think 2020 will be the year of skincare?? Send me an e-mail at lanarethinkingwellness@gmail.com or message me on Instagram!

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