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Compartmentalizing Wellness Goals

After working out and eating mindfully, do you do anything else to support your wellness?

How many of you have gotten on the good ol' Internetsss and started looking for, let's say, a recipe and ended up watching a video of some dudes creating an underground home with a swimming pool using primitive tools? What happened here?? How did I blow 2 hours of my life and STILL never printed out the recipe???

So there I was... looking up plans on how to make floating shelves for our bathroom when all of a sudden I'm reading about Jessica Simpson's 100 lb weight loss. Not really sure how I got there, but I am a sucker for over 50lb weight loss stories (oh how I'm missing 600lb Life right now... Dr. Now where are you??). When it comes to celebrity weight loss, I'm not sure what to really think of it. As we know, everything in the media is "spun" and we really don't know what the truth is. However, the article on Jessica's weight loss was super interesting because her trainer pointed out the following:

"To get Simpson to where she wanted to be to keep up with her three kids and her career, Pasternak took a holistic approach, focusing on using all 168 hours in a week to optimize Simpson's wellness.
"Even if I or Sydney [Simpson's trainer, Sydney Liebes] is working out with her for 45 minutes three times a week, or four times a week, there’s still 165 of the 168 hours that she’s not working out," he said. "That was the key to this transformation."

Personally, I haven't been thinking about my overall wellness in this fashion (making my entire day about wellness in some form or another) and it sounds overwhelming until you see what Jessica Simpson's trainer's suggestions are of getting 12,000 steps a day (didn't matter how she got it), take a full hour away from technology each day, 7 hours of sleep, and of course the food plan. I was thinking he was going to give her 8 hour workouts and carrots for her food plan. Turns out the guy is on to something bigger.

When we decide to make changes in our life, I think many of us just look at certain pieces in our life and decide to make changes with those particular pieces. We compartmentalize our wellness. We don't look at our whole life, or how we are living daily. For instance, you want to lose weight, so you change all your food choices, add meal prepping, and intense 45 min+ exercise into your life. But what about the rest of your day? Are you sitting most of the day? Are you thinking shitty thoughts about yourself throughout the day? Are you taking time away from all the electronic brain soothers (Fakebook, Instagram, News, etc) to just be with yourself, read or do some sort of self-development? I can't tell you how much time I have wasted on the internet and social media.

True, we make social media the villain, but I can't help but wonder what my life would look like, if I just took a couple of those internet and social media moments to work on myself?? The internet and social media really just numb my brain. I'm not sure why I need some brain numbing action, but for some reason I do. I don't feel better about myself afterwards, actually I usually feel worse, and that yucky feeling isn't contributing to my overall wellness.

It sounds a bit judgy, but if I have wellness goals and I'm unwilling to talk about my habits or daily life that is getting in the way of those wellness goals then... I mean.... what the hell am I doing?? Just talking the talk?? Meeting ourselves where we are really seems like the kindest thing we can do for ourself. Yeah shit is gonna sting, and I personally feel disappointed in myself, but do I want to really do better or be in denial and sabotage my "do better" actions?

I wanted to lose weight because I was tired of the bulk, tired of my blood pressure numbers, tired of complaining about myself. Did I hate myself... no... but I knew I wasn't treating myself the best. So it started off as creating a food plan that was realistic, and setting time aside each day to exercise (even if it was only 15 min). As time went on, I realized I was compartmentalizing my wellness, I wasn't looking at how I was living my whole day. I wasn't getting enough sleep, wasn't drinking enough water, wasn't taking time to meditate, wasn't taking time to just be by myself and work on my own self-development.

Jessica Simpson, the article written about you and your weight loss may be utter bull shit, but you inspired me look at my whole life, to try not to fit everything into neat little boxes of wellness. My brain craves those neat little boxes but I know that this is about really getting to the bottom of what I am telling myself and how I'm living each day.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! Do you like neat little compartmentalized boxes like I do?? Message me on Instagram or send me an e-mail: lanarethinkingwellness@gmail.com

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