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Day 22 Of The 100 Day Challenge: Is Your Exercise An "Event"?

Only two more days till Christmas.... just two.... more... days. I don't understand how everything works, but I know that before Christmas there is this frantic, eat all the things, drive like a manic energy that settles in from black Friday until the day of Christmas. There is pressure to eat what people gift you, pressure to eat healthy and not gain weight, pressure to buy the perfect gift, pressure to have perfect relations with friends and family members, pressure to act like none of this is affecting you at work or home, pressure, more pressure, with a side of pressure.

In the midst of the holiday pressure, I decided to start a 100 Day Live Your Best Life Challenge..... so whose the crazy one here? Oh hey, things are about to get juiced up with holiday madness? Why not throw in some extra chaos during this holiday season with a challenge?? I'm not quite sure what I was thinking when I decided to start this challenge, but honestly I am glad I started. I'm sure I would have found an excuse to not do this challenge no matter what time of year I started.

There have been ups and downs with this challenge. For a quick refresher, here are the seven healthy habits I'm committing to for 100 days:

  1. In bed for at least 7 hours a night.

  2. Up at 5AM for morning meditation and journaling.

  3. Follow daily Nutrition Plan.

  4. Exercise Daily.

  5. Work on my new podcast daily either recording, editing or interacting on social media.

  6. Point out the positive things my kids and spouse are doing.

  7. Start bedtime routine by 8PM so I'm not rushing to bed.

My biggest challenges have been fitting in some sort of daily exercise and planning meals around events/holidays. I still tend to make exercise an "event". My spouse has exercised his whole life and his exercise looks nothing like my exercise. Before we were on the "get up at 5AM train", he would come home after work, throw on some comfy clothes, then proceed to complete his 20 minute kettlebell routine. He wouldn't put it off, or complain, or distract himself with chores he thought he should be doing instead of working out. No over thinking, no worrying that his workout isn't enough, no obsessing over if he should be drinking a protein drink after.... nada. He would just get it done.

Since we started getting up at 5AM together, he now wakes up at 4:45AM, walks to our living room and does his 20 minute kettlebell routine in his pjs. I asked him the other day if its hard to exercise that early in the morning. His response was yes, its hard, but he wants to just get it over with because he feels so much better afterwards.

Exercise, for me, is an event. I have to find my exercise clothes, go to a gym (or location to walk), and the whole process (from driving there, to exercising, to driving home) takes an hour and a half.... sometimes two hours. I don't like working out at home, and I'm not sure why? Maybe its because I have interruptions, or I get distracted with chores, or I don't like my equipment, or the sky is blue? Hell I don't know. And for some weird reason, in my mind, exercise doesn't count unless I'm exercising for OVER 30 minutes. Yeah, I have no idea where I picked up that message or WHY I hang onto it.

I think over the years, I have decided that exercise must be long and grueling. If I want to get in shape, then I have to put in the work.... and the work for me is long cardio sessions OR heavy lifting sessions that last 45 minutes or more. I feel a lot of fear if I try to workout in the same manner my spouse does. He is already fit, and has been fit since the beginning of time, so he obviously doesn't have to go to the extremes that I need to go to to become fit... or so says the tape in my head.

Obviously, this is a self-sabotaging belief I need to figure out. By holding on to this belief, that a workout doesn't count unless its more than 30 minutes, I'm creating an environment of exercise failure and a weird judgy relationship with exercise. Exercise is a gift we give our bodies, not a punishment, not a major chore.... I'm not saying I need to be sunshine and roses with exercise, but I do think having a more relaxed relationship with exercise might actually encourage me to consistently exercise.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic! What are your beliefs around exercise? Do you have a peaceful relationship, do you look forward to exercise, or do you feel neutral around exercise? Send me at e-mail: lanarethinkingwellness@gmail.com OR message me on Instagram!

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