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November Wellness Goals

So this post was originally named “Holiday Hell” and I thought that may have been a bit too..... Grinch-y. If you can’t tell by my original post title, I am not a Thanksgiving or Christmas fan. Blech. I don’t really like Fall to begin with because all the plants are dying, and I have to prepare my garden beds for Winter, and there’s less sun, and warmth, and I just want to sit under my heated blanket and eat every MFin thing. Don’t get me started with Christmas. Our family is trying to fight against the materialistic Christmas machine by reducing gifts given, and also incorporating homemade gifts. It’s hard with the incessant advertising, and honestly I just want to throat punch the whole holiday season.

Soooo... what does a Grinch-y ass hole such as myself do to get through this season? Well, I’m making some wellness goals. I have a kiddo that LOVES the holidays and I’ve got to pull my head out for her, and not be so grouchy during the time of year.

1. Workout Five Days A Week AND Obtaining 10,000 Steps Daily

Ok so why be so hardcore with the workouts? Well, working out does elevate my mood. I also want to add weight lifting to the workouts (I've been a cardio queen and need to switch things up). Workouts will be between 30 min. - 60 min. so if its a busy day and I can only get 30 min. in at least I got it in.

I recently bit the bullet and bought an Apple Watch. I have wanted on for a while, so I finally saved up enough to purchase my latest member of my Apple family. What’s cool is there's an option to “compete” against other friends who also have an Apple Watch. My sister-in-law has an Apple Watch, and she challenged me to a competition. These competitions are tailored to your fitness level. So I may need to burn an extra 600 calories a day but my SIL may need to burn 200 extra calories a day. The calories are based on your size. My SIL may act like she isn’t competitive, but she brings the fire. The first competition wasn’t fair in that her watch wasn’t working, but she competed anyways. Even though I knew I had an advantage, I still knew she could catch me because that’s how she rolls... hard.

During that competition I did at least 10,000 steps a day. Man did I feel good. I noticed I slept better at night, and had a better outlook during the day. For these reasons, and more, this is why I'm adding the 10,000 steps daily to the goal sheet.

2. Stick To My Food Plan, But Enjoy Thanksgiving

My food plan isn’t strict, nor does it cut out food groups. My food plan basically consists of adding fruit and veggies at every meal, eating when I’m hungry and stopping when I’m full. I do keep a food journal because I‘m curious about the time of day I'm hungry, what I’m hungry for and how much it takes for me to actually feel full.

Thanksgiving seems to center around family members you don’t want to be around and eating until you can’t zip your pants. Don’t I have the most positive view on holidays (I’m sure you’d want to be around me during this time of year)??? We like to spend Thanksgiving together as a family. We decide on a menu a couple weeks out, and then I’m a cooking/baking machine the week of Thanksgiving.

In years past, I’ve always eaten waaaayyyy too much, and suffered indigestion afterwards. I don’t understand why I keep forgetting about the horrible indigestion post Thanksgiving feast??? Anyways, this year I’d like to eat but not to the point of explosion. I don’t mind if I graze all day, or what I eat, but I do want to let my hunger guide what I eat.

3. Work On Self-Development

I love learning. I have no idea why. I know this often drives people around me crazy because I do ask a lot of questions in an effort to learn more. My self-development goals this month are to listen to Marie Forleo’s book ”Everything is Figuroutable”, finish the next section in my herbal studies class, listen to Jon Acuff’s book “Finish”, and try three new recipes this month.

4. Keep On Bloggin’

This one is pretty straight forward. I’d like to keep up my current blogging pace of two posts a week. Blogging helps me figure out my shit, and I really believe I’m not the only one out there who is trying to figure out their version of wellness. My hope is if you read this you’ll realize you aren’t alone, and that I’m right here with ya figuring my shit out too.

5. Meditate... Daily

Ohhhhhh meditation..... we have a rocky relationship. So far I have consistently meditated for 7 days. This is a record for me. I really struggle with meditation because usually I fall asleep. If I meditate past noon, I’m out like a light, so I’ve switched it up and started meditating right after I wake up. I can’t say I’m in the most positive space in the morning, and there is usually lots of cursing, but I actually get it done. For November I’d like to keep up this super amazing record and meditate daily. This is the goal I’m least confident about, but I’m gonna keep on going!

So now that you know my goals, what are yours? Instead of blasting into the holiday season with stress maybe a plan, or goals, would benefit you as well? I’d love to hear your thoughts and goals! Message me on Instagram or send me an e-mail at lanarethinkingwellness@gmail.com

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