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What Personal Belief Is Sabotaging You?

How do your beliefs affect your behavior?

I love a good book; however, I’m a slow reader. I often have to extend library loans a couple times before finishing a book. I initially checked out Marie Forleo’s book, “Everything is Figureoutable” from our local library. I’d heard good things about it, and it had a lot of good reviews. Prior to checking out her book I really didn’t have an opinion about her? I thought she had a coaching business, and did some sort of podcast or show, but other than that I really wasn’t aware of her work.

After checking out the book, it literally sat on my dresser for about a week. It seems I have to also be in the “mood” to read as well. After finally finishing all the chores for the evening, I decided to crack open her book.


Full disclosure, I haven’t finished reading the book, but after devouring the first three chapters I went on Amazon, bought the book, bought another book for my sister, and contemplated purchasing the audible version. I don’t know that her book will speak to everyone, but it definitely got my attention in a short amount of time.

There has been a lot of gems in her book, but what has really shook me (so far) is her take on beliefs and how beliefs drive our life. Marie says that, “All beliefs are a choice and choices can be changed”, and that if we look even more closely at our beliefs that ”a belief is nothing more than a thought that you’ve decided is significant and true.” H o l y S h i t.

After reading this, I began to wonder what I believed about myself. What beliefs do I let run my life? As sad as it is, a deeply ingrained belief of mine is that I believe myself to be an extra large woman who isn’t allowed to be happy until I’m able to wear a non-plus size pair of jeans. Yikes. I wondered when I had adopted that belief? My environment may have initially helped shape this belief, but when did I decide to take this belief on as my own?

As a kid and teenager, I participated in a lot of sports. I was super strong and broke weight lifting records at my school. Why did I not adopt the belief that “I’m an Athlete”? I had evidence that supported the athlete belief, but I CHOSE to stick with the belief that I was too fat and would not be worthy of good things in life until I had lost weight.

Fortunately, it isn’t mandatory, or needed, to figure out where or why we have adopted the beliefs that we have. What’s important is that we realize we have a certain belief(s), and see how this belief has shaped our life. Once we've gained this insight, its time to visualize how we would be living if we didn't have certain negative beliefs AND how we lived if we had more positive beliefs about ourselves.

How would my daily routine change if I believed I was an athlete, or someone who is a successful podcaster and entrepreneur, or someone who knew what she had to share was needed and worthwhile? These questions are what are driving me to challenge myself and create my own personal experiment.

For the next 100 days, I am going to work on changing my negative beliefs with positive beliefs. I am going to do my best to set my beliefs about my size, to the side, and live as though I am already fit and healthy. Sooooo... what does this translate to for my daily life??

1. In bed for at least 7 hours a night.

2. Up at 5AM for morning yoga, meditation and journaling.

3. Follow daily Nutrition Plan.

4. Finish exercise by 8AM so I'm CONSISTENTLY exercising.

5. Work on my new podcast daily either recording, editing or interacting on social media.

6. Point out the positive things my kids and spouse are doing.

7. Start bedtime routine by 8PM so I'm not rushing to bed.

What are your thoughts on beliefs? Do you think your beliefs run your life? Send me a message on Instagram or e-mail at lanarethinkingwellness@gmail.com

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