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Where Have I Been? (part 1)

It has been a busy summer!

I completely fell off the blogging train.

We've had quite a few changes in our household. This summer was HOT. I spent most of my time working on woodworking projects, keeping the kids busy and trying to keep my garden happy.

Some of you may know that I homeschool my two kids. I had planned on homeschooling them until they either asked to go to public school or graduated. I turned in all my paperwork to the county stating I was homeschooling the kids for another year, when something changed. I'm not sure what changed, but as I was running errands, a thought came to me that Mason, my oldest and on the spectrum, might be better served at the local high school with access to more vocational opportunities.

Keep in mind I had no idea, at that point, if the high school even had vocational opportunities for teens on the spectrum, I just knew I needed to explore what the high school did have. Fortunately, after some initial research, I found that our county goes above and beyond for teens with disabilities. Virginia as a whole isn't the best place to live if you have a disability, but our school system does has some really good programs in place for kids with disabilities.

After talking with Mason about going back to public school, filling out paperwork, and attending a couple meetings, we enrolled him in high school. Maurice and I were extremely nervous about how he'd transition back to high school. We worried he would be bullied, lose his way, not know where to eat lunch or even know where to go to the restroom!

In the end, we wasted a LOT of energy worrying about Mason going back to public high school because he loves it! He is on a vocational track and time is spent on some academics, but mostly on life skills and job training! We aren't sure what Mason's future will look like, but the high schools seems to be setting him up for success.

While Mason is at public school, Athena (my youngest) still wants to be homeschooled. I'm not sure she'll ever transfer to a public school, but who knows? Just when you think you have something figured out, it changes.


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